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Your main task as a Guardian Family is to provide a loving and stable home for the puppy. The dog’s health and happiness is our utmost priority. We did not want to continue our program as a kennel. Guardian Homes are the only way we are able to maintain our ethics in breeding and have a diverse enough genetic pool to continue to improve the health of this breed.


Our ideals involve each dog having a family of their own. Nothing beats being that special family pet and we want it for each and every one of our dogs. That being said, there are other things that go into keeping a dog happy and healthy.

  • Basic training, including (sit, stay, come to name, leave it, down, basic leash skills and house training) Based on your experience you may need to complete a puppy training course with a local training group or individual trainer. Remember, a happy owner equals a happy dog. If your dog does not understand what you want or need it is stressed and often unhappy.

  • Properly socializing your puppy, while a component of training, is key to helping them develop the confidence and demeanor of a stable adult dog. We spend countless hours providing every opportunity for socialization and training with each puppy prior to them coming to you, but this is something that must be continued once home. We will provide further suggestions and instructions on how to continue this training to reap the benefits of the work we have already put in for you. Prior to your puppy being fully vaccinated all socializing will need to be within the safety of your home or other pet free environments. Once fully vaccinated all sorts of fun options become available from Home Depot visits to puppy socialization groups! Training and socialization are not work, it’s so much fun! It presents opportunities to learn the body language of your fur-baby, discover their unique interests and quirks, find their favorite friends and those hilarious traits that make your dog special to you.

  • Guardian Families are expected to take their dog to annual vet appointments to check the overall health of the dog. They are expected to provide annual wormings and vaccinations as well as other general recommendations from your vet like dental cleanings.

  • Grooming must be maintained as it can affect the health of your dog if not upkept. We are happy to help find a professional groomer close to you or you may send us the information for whom you would like to use. Regular brushing and baths should be done at home by the Guardian Family, but we do require a professional to cut or in any way alter the coat of the Guardian dog. We will provide an outline of what cuts are appropriate for what age. When the dog is above 2 years of age the cut requirements become more flexible but there still may be needs for a specific cut at a certain time. Once retired though, the choice is freely yours!

  • Transportation for the dog too and from our facility or to the reproductive vet is the responsibility of the Guardian Family. We will occasionally be able to help if we don’t have other obligations with other dogs, but generally this will be something that you are in charge of. We ask that this be something that’s taken into consideration when deciding to become a part of our Guardian Families. For females the transportation is much less often but a male we will at times need once a month. We try to give as much notice as possible, but heats can sometimes be tricky and a last second jump in progesterone will require a much shorter timeframe. If we are not able to provide at least 24hrs notice, we will pick up and drop off the dog ourselves.

  • We request that Guardian Families check in with us at least monthly. We love to receive photos and hear of anything going on in your lives! We will send out monthly texts or emails checking in but love other updates outside of that. We really do love and care for our Guardian Dog’s people!

  • If you are leaving town, we ask that we be notified in case we have breeding’s planned. You may board the Guardian Dog at an approved licensed kennel or make other arrangements, but we ask that we be left with information regarding their stay and its duration. We are occasionally available to board your dog with us but can not while we have other litters scheduled.

Are there costs involved in being a guardian home?

We cover every cost associated with the breeding of the dog. From health testing, various registrations, STDpanels, reproductive vet appointments, whelping costs, food while with us and the list goes on. We cover all costs in relation to your dog being in our program including their retirement with a spay or neuter. The only cost the Guardian Homes are responsible for are what would be required for a normal pet home. Annual vaccines, food, dental cleanings, grooming and other applicable needs outside of breeding purposes. So, nothing you would not already be spending for your pet.



The typical contract lasts 5 years for females. We do not breed any of our dogs until they have completed and passed all their genetic and health testing (typically, around 2 years of age). At that point, a female must at least be on her 2nd heat. It is hard to give exact time frames.


Just like with humans, each dog is different with when they start their heats, how they handle pregnancy and how many breedings we feel is fit for them. We have had some females that LOVED being mamas and handled pregnancy like champs. We have had another that hated nursing and just generally didn’t seem interested in her puppies. We never bred her again. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone involved!

How long will the contract last?

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The typical contract lasts 6 years for males. We do not breed any of our dogs until they have completed and passed all their genetic and health testing. (Occasionally we will do preliminaries by 6 months of age and then formals at the 2-year mark for our males)


Males quite a different experience than females. They do not stay with us for as extended periods of time, but it will be more frequent than once every 6 months or year. Typically, we will have a male with us for 2-3 days a month. Again, it depends on how we end up implementing him into our program. Some visits will be only to collect specimens and then home. Regardless, we will provide as much notice as possible and if it is short notice, we are more than willing to arrange transportation.

Benefits of being a Guardian Home


You get to be the family for an incredible dog from temperament to conformation that would not typically be available to the general public...


All those beautiful photos you see of our puppies? You get to have copies of your dog! We release our professional images digitally to our Guardian Families to share with their friends and family.


We are working on developing a guardian family page as well where we will offer a free family photo session to our guardian families featuring their special furry family member and their loved ones.


If you are a social media platform influencer there is opportunity to earn commissions.


Recommendations that result in successful pairings earn a commission upon sale of said puppy. This must be from an approved application individual.

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Family Experience

Breeder’s pick is the best of the best from the litter. It is the dog that has stood out from the beginning with its personality exhibiting traits that make for the most stable even-tempered adult. They are of exceptional genetics providing the healthiest life possible. Their color will be breathtaking and unique. Basically, you get everyone’s dream dog for your aid in providing us the ability to continue our breeding program while maintaining our high standards of care and love.

Guardian Families get the rare opportunity to visit their female’s litter of puppies once during her stay with us. We do not allow visits to puppies since we raise all our litters in our home and puppies are not fully vaccinated for some time. However, if the Guardian Family is in good health themselves and are willing to complete the precautionary measures required (not socializing with other canines outside of the home for 48hrs prior, removing shoes, washing hands, taking instruction on how to interact with puppies) your family will be able to meet, snuggle and share with your female a very special time in her life. This is an experience we love to share with our Guardian Families. It’s hard to describe the joy a puppy brings, but when it’s a puppy from your fur baby it’s on a whole new level. We love to see the inspiration and care on the faces of the children and the pure joy and giggles some of these “manly men” have when playing with a litter of our very special puppies. (Some females do not handle their family visiting well and this will have to be something addressed based on the individual females temperament while whelping)

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